Hot gay massage adventures after gym training.

I went to the gym the day that Eric wanted to coordinate that we be there. I went for a swim, but didn’t see Eric yet. After 15 minutes of laps back and forth, I got out and changed into basketball shorts and a t-shirt. On my way to the weight room, I heard Eric call my name. I saw him come up to me, dressed in a short sleeved white button-down shirt and black slacks. He said he would go swimming while I worked out in the weight room.
I did my usual 20-30 minute routine then walked to the pool to see if he was there. I didn’t see him so I went upstairs to my locker. He was there, taking off his swimsuit. I took off my clothes, and we headed to the shower.
Again, he took the shower across from mine so I could see him soap himself up and vice versa. From here, I noticed that his balls weren’t as close in size than I thought. He had one that was significantly larger than the other.
After the shower, we went into the steam room. It was crowded so I left after a couple minutes to go to the jacuzzi. I went in and sat down, letting the jets relax my muscles. I still, but Eric did little laps back and forth. Occasionally he would stand in front of me and reach behind him to feel my teen boys cock. Then he would go back and forth across the jacuzzi. When he sat down next to me, I reached over and stroked his dick and balls. He did the same with me. He moved to the other wall to do stretches, and I let my dick get soft so I could get out. I grabbed my towel and headed upstairs to the jacuzzi. I went in and noticed it was empty. I sat down, and Eric came in a couple minutes later. Eric lay along the far wall, doing stretches like he was the last time I saw him. I wanted to try to touch him, but another man walked in. We sat in silence, and when I was finished, I went out to the showers.
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